[Trailer] Sense-Roid Type-S

“Sense-Roid Type-S” is a novel interactive system using two types of wearable devices, one for haptic playback and the other for haptic recording. The haptic playback wear is made with fabric woven of 60 thin artificial muscles, and it can present a wide range of haptic stimulus to the upper body. The haptic recording wear consists of 38 air-filled sensing balloons with force sensing functionality and can detect the force and position of pressure applied to the same torso area. Since these two components have less mechanical parts, we can benefit from the merits of softness, ease of installation, and reduction of weight, resolving key problems of recent wearable devices. Moreover, by adopting a new unique fitting method, these two wears can be rapidly adjusted to suit a wide range of users. We have also implemented a GUI for system operation and visualization of recording/playback data.

Related Publication (Selected)

  • N. Takahashi, S. Kurumaya, K. Suzumori, H. Koike, “SENSE-ROID TYPE-S: Wearable Haptic Recording/Playback Wears Using Pneumatic Muscle Knit and Sensing Balloon, ” The Robotics and Mechatronics Conference 2019, Hiroshima (in Japanese)

Exhibitions and Talks

  • N. Takahashi, Expression, Transmission, and Archiving of Humanity by Using “Interactive Humanoid Mediums,” EMTECH Conference: “Emotional Attachment to Machines: New Ways of Relationship-Building in Japan,” Berlin, Germany, 2019. 10.
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