This study presents a haptic input/output system “Sense-Roid” that realises self-hugging. Through this system, we propose a novel communication design of haptic self-communication. Sense-Roid consists of a mannequin-shaped sensing device and a wearable, air-driven haptic-feedback that uses artificial muscles and vibrator units. We have designed artificial hugging, focusing on two elements of hugging: the compression of one’s shoulders and torso and the stroking of one’s back. The mannequin-shaped sensing device can detects one’s hugging/stroking position and force by FSR sensors. Haptic feedback wear gives the hugging sensation by compressing artificial muscles and vibrator units around the back and shoulders. Since Sense-Roid feeds one’s own hugging input from the mannequin into the wear, it gives the experience as if one is hugging oneself.

Exhibitions and Talks (Selected)

  • N. Takahashi, Expression, Transmission, and Archiving of Humanity by Using “Interactive Humanoid Mediums,” EMTECH Conference: “Emotional Attachment to Machines: New Ways of Relationship-Building in Japan,” Berlin, Germany, 2019. 10.
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