In this study, we propose a novel interface design for “human-robot” communication by focusing on visual and tactual transformation of the muscles. Since recent humanoid may appear as humanoid figure using human-like body gestures and behavior, it is hard to say that they have enough elements to cover the complex composition that is a human. The muscles that constitute the human body works by not only turning joints and generating limb and body movements, but also control skin surface shape and firmness, allowing the various levels of touch response. Therefore, we attempt to approach the creation of sensitive and subtle expression by a humanoid robot using organic constructs. In this project, we produce “SHIRI” that represents emotions with organic movements of the Gluteus Maximus Actuator (GMA). In addition, we also implement user interaction for SHIRI and consider how perceptions the user can obtain by communicating with SHIRI.

Related Publication (Selected)

  • N. Takahashi, Y. Matoba, T. Sato, H. Koike, SHIRI: Buttocks Humanoid that Represents Emotions with Visual and Tactual Transformation of the Muscles, Advanced Visual Interfaces 2012 (AVI2012), 2012.
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