A Novel Soft Exoskeleton Glove Inspired by the Forearm Muscle Structure

In this study, we present a novel soft exoskeleton glove which controls the posture of fingers both by flexing and extending them. By adopting a soft actuator arrangement design imitating muscle movement and layout, we implemented a light-weight wearable device which can be used to flex or extend the user’s fingers naturally. Four pneumatic artificial muscles were placed on each finger; consequently, twenty independent muscles were placed for one hand. By providing tuned air pressure to each muscle, we confirmed that all fingers could be independently manipulated into several postures. Furthermore, as functions of our system, we confirmed that it is possible to generate a pressing force of approx. 10 N to independently control all fingers in several motions and restraining movement, and manipulate a finger to perform high-speed tapping at approx. 10 Hz. These results suggest that the system can be used not only as a rehabilitation device but also as an instruction device for playing an instrument or sports, which requires dexterous motion control and quick performance.


Related Publication

  • N. Takahashi, H. Takahashi, K. Suzumori, H. Koike, 指屈筋と指伸筋の構造を模倣したソフトロボットグローブ, 第36回日本ロボット学会学術講演会(RSJ2018),  2018
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